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Welcome to the Topretirements Best Places Newsletter for June 27.

Like so many of our articles, today's feature on celebrating the first day of retirement was suggested by a Member. This one came in on our Forum by "LakeSinclair". We always love to hear your suggestions for articles or how to improve this site. 

We will be on vacation next week. Hope all our U.S. subscribers enjoy the 4th of July!

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The Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona

One of the most beautiful areas of Arizona is the Sedona area, famous for its red rocks. Retirement here is more expensive than most parts of the state, but there are good reasons for that.  It is definitely worth a visit to check it out.  More »

Workers to Retired Ratio Getting Out of Whack

Until 2010 the ratio of retired people to 100 workers was stable at around 21. But the Census Bureau projects that the ratio could soar to 42 by 2060 - and even now there aren't enough workers to support all of us folks on Social Security.  There is more trouble too. More »

FInd Your Best Place to Retire

How Should You Celebrate the First Day of Retirement?

One of our Members had a great question - "How should we celebrate our first day of retirement?" We have some suggestions, and some additional thoughts too. And, we really hope our Members will chime in with more ideas!    More »

Rome, Georgia

The largest city in northwest Georgia, Rome is in the foothills of the Appalachians. Like its namesake in Italy, Rome is built on 7 hills with a river running through it.  It is home to four colleges. Berry College is famous for having the world's largest campus (26,000 acres). More »

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