July 30.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  This week we are excited to present as our lead article an interview with Rich, a former systems engineer in the space program. Even more than you might expect, this guy is thorough! So after countless spreadsheets, Word documents, and visits tohundreds of towns - he and his wife, Jan, made their selection. Read on to find out where - and why!
If you have ever heard about Tanglewood, you know something about Lenox. Summer home to the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Tanglewood offers some of the most amazing musical programs anywhere, all summer long. This seasonal town has alsolong been known as the seasonal home to some of America's most distinguished families.
We love hearing how others go about finding their best place to retire. And when a rocket scientist tackles that project - look out. Rich's is definitely the most thorough process we've seen yet, and he has succeeded brilliantly. What a place they've found in the State of Washington - one we hadnever even heard about!
This is the town that Rich, the subject of today's feature article, chose for his best place to retire. It seemingly has it all - ocean, lake, canals, and bay - plus plenty of cultural and other things to do. We had never heardof it before last week.
The annual report of the Trustees of our Social Security and Medicare trust funds had some good news amidst the bad. Medicare's depletion date has been pushed back 4 years, while Social Security's is unchanged.  Both needhelp if they are going to continue at current levels.
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