February 27, 2013. Welcome    to this week's newsletter. We have a new poll on housing preferences - please give us your input and we will report on the consensus next week.

In the good news department, new home sales increased over 15% in January, the fastest pace since 2008.
We don't know many people who aren't at least a little worried about getting by in retirement. In this article we've compiled 15 easy ways to save your way into a more comfortable retirement - not counting some of the whackier ones we've seen, like re-using your dental floss!
Eureka, CA
Located along northern California's coastline, Eureka is filled with examples of 19th and early 20th century architecture. This once very wealthy lumbering town has Victorian, Colonial Revival and Greek Revival neighborhoods, with 13 distinct historical districts.
We are really curious to see what our members are thinking about for retirement living choices - whether it be single family, condo, college town, active adult community, etc. Answer these quick 8 questions and next week we will summarize what we find out. If you find this free site useful, it's your turn to give back - please take 2-3 minutes to give us your input!
Peterborough, NH
This beautiful and pastoral town set in the hills of New Hampshire offers an interesting retirement for people who enjoy a dose of culture, small town living, and the outdoors. The MacDowell Art Colony in Peterborough is where Thornton Wilder wrote the play "Our Town". And one of the Sopranos holed up here too.
Did "A Nightmare on Elm Street" scare you out of your wits? Its creator, Wes Craver,  just wrote an amusing Op-Ed in which he describes the horrors of his "trial" retirement. Wes couldn't wait to get back to the Hollywood shark tank after that!
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