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  April 25, 2012

In This Issue...

  • Inside Tips for Maximizing Social Security
  • Tax Haven + Charm: Port Townsend, WA
  • Social Security News Gets Worse
  • State Regulation of CCRCs Uneven at Best
  • College Town: Oberlin,Ohio

  • Pictured above: Fantastic old building in Port Townsend, Washington gives a hint of what you might find here.
    We are curious to know how many of our members have been caught up in the Pinterest craze. We started a page for Topretirements there this week - pretty addictive! Take a look at our brief prototype.
    We had the pleasure of attending a talk by the Social Security expert Kurt Czarnowski last week. We learned that the myths and misunderstandings about this program are "staggering". Here is Part 1 of our report - how your benefit is calculated, plus tips for maximizing your benefit. Part 2 will discuss more sophisticated claiming strategies for couples, along with more of the most frequent misconceptions.
    How would you like a place on the coast of the Olympic Peninsula (with no state income tax)? Look out to the Cascades and the Olympic Mountains. Much of the town and its Victorian buildings are in a historic district. Ah, Port Townsend.  
    Click on a state to see reviews of 833 great retirement towns, plus capsule summaries of 1,720 active adult communities.
    The trustees for Social Security dropped a bombshell this week when they announced that the program will cease to be fully funded in 2033 - 3 years ahead of last year's forecast.  Pessimism grew not because the program isn't fixable, but about who has to do the fixing (Congress).
    2033 is just 21 years away
    College towns are at the top of many folks' best places to retire lists - and Oberlin is a good example why. This small town has all the usual college town charms, plus it's just a short hop to Cleveland and its attractions. The Conservatory of Music hosts some 500 performances a year!
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    A new study points out the uneven state regulatory environment for Continuing Care Retirement Communities. While we continue to believe CCRCs are a great retirement option, the lack of state regulation over issues like refund policy disclosure highlights the need for individual due diligence.
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