Oct 15.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter. Once again our topic comes from a reader suggestion. The request was to find out more from our Members about the actual places where they have retired.

We arecelebrating a nice statistical event this month - after 8 years we now have over 1,000 city/town reviews in our database!  If you have a suggestion on a place to retire we should consider,  please let us know so we can go on to the next 1,000.

Things are probably slowing in Woodstock, now that the leaf viewing season is winding down. Ladies Home Journal called it the "Prettiest Small Town in America". One reason why is that the Rockefeller family fought to preserve it.

This article is in response to a Member request that we ask about actual places where our Members have retired, why you chose them, and how it's going.  We've included quite a selection of actual responses from our archives, but are hoping you will tell us about your adventurestoo!

Dallas and its surrounding suburbs have a lot to offer retirees looking to live in a place with big metro excitement.  There are plenty of neighborhoods and communities to choose from - we count 29 Dallas area active communities in our database.

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