Nov 2.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.   In an odd bit of timing, later today your editor will be in South Carolina, the major topic in today's newsletter. We plan to visit Kiawah Island, we'll let you know what we find.

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Located 30 miles north of Houston, this cluster of 8 master planned villages and a Town Center is a great all-ages community for retirement. The reasons are everywhere - shopping mall, golf, and every type of housing.
We can't wait to see what your preferences are for retirement communities. Please take this quick, 10 multiple choice survey and let us know your thoughts about community types, sizes, amenities, housing choices, etc. We'll have a full report and analysis next week!
The area around this giant man-made lake is increasingly popular for retirement. There are lots of active communities and it's very close to the college town of Clemson.
Judith told us she was taking a 2 week retirement tour of SC - and promised to write it up. We think you'll find her trip notes on the 8 towns/cities interesting! We've even added other Member comments for good measure.
Betty's amazing series on the "Turtle Life" continues today with Part 4 of her mobile lifestyle. This chapter is all about starting out in the big rig.
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