June 10.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter. This issue follows up with more funky Florida towns for your consideration. And of course, don't miss the member suggestions in the Comments to Part 1 of this "Funky Florida" series.

St. Pete, a classic retirement and tourist destination since the 1920's, is a surprising place. It offers a lot more than its winter warmth, great beaches, and ideal location on a peninsula in Tampa Bay. This city also combines a very lively urban downtown with quiet and interesting neighborhoods by the beach. 

In part 1 of this series we explored northern and Central Florida. Part 2 goes on to the Southwest and East with some great towns to consider for your retirement.
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This city in southeastern New Mexico is proud to have joined the World Health Organization's Age Friendly Cities network.  There is plenty of recreation here and in the nearby Guadalupe Mountains. 
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