August 28. Welcome , to our weekly newsletter.  This issue features our how-to on one of baby boomers' top bucket list items - touring the  National Parks. Plus, we revisit 2 past installments of the "Most Under-rated Places to Retire".  Next week will be a very big week - we will feature our annual list of the top 100 Active Adult Communities. Don't miss it!
Bentonville, AR
Tired of seeing the same old towns recommended for retirement over and over again. To help get you off the beaten path, here are links to 2 of our previous articles:
Most Under-rated Places to Retire
Beyond Asheville: More Under-rated Places to Retire

BTW, both of these articles have some interesting Comments and suggestions from readers that are well worth reading.

Bentonville, AR
If you like lakes, a college town (U. of Wisconsin), and a vital mid-size city that is extremely bike-friendly, you might be attracted to the happening city of Madison, WI. It boasts a 30-mile web of paved bike trails that are lit, snowplowed, and used year-round. This liberal city is eco-friendly with walkable streets and great bus service.
Bentonville, AR
Our surveys reveal that an awful lot of baby boomers put visiting the national parks at or near the top of their bucket lists. This article explains how to do it, where to stay, and what to do when you are there. Plus, a brief show and tell on your editor's recent wilderness experience in Yellowstone and the nearby Beartooth Mountains.
Turrialba, Costa Rica
Your editor was just in Bozeman last week, and we came away very impressed.  There is a busy and vital downtown with packed restaurants at 9PM. Plus an amazing outdoor experience available in the outdoors right outside town. The Community Food Co-op (pictured) is what every supermarket should be.