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If you like great weather and being near the ocean, Seal Beach, south of LA and above San Diego, is hard to beat. Although its desirability means high prices, there is a community here (Leisure World) where you don't have to be wealthy.
We've had a flurry of Comments asking all kinds of questions about Medicare. So it seemed like a great time to update Part 1 of our Medicare series with the latest premium and deductible info. It is a great guide to help get educated on this important benefit.
The Central part of Florida offers some of its best real estate bargains, including this town with pretty lakes.  Frank Lloyd Wright's  "A Child of the Sun" project for Florida Southern College has the largest one-site collection of his buildings in the world.
The road to retirement is not always a straight line, and it certainly wasn't for Peter and Sally. Changing realizations and circumstances have kept them moving. Here is the saga of how  this flexible Connecticut couple ended up (so far!) retired on Florida's East Coast.
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