July 27.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  Just a reminder - if you are traveling this summer, keep notes for possible retirement locations.

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A recent study found that pre-retirees underestimate how soon they will retire by an average of 7 years. Unfortunately, many unpleasant things come along with that. Here is how to prepare.
Approximately 30 miles northwest of Denver, Longmont has been recognized as a “Best Places to Live” town. Pictured is the library in this bike-friendly town.
One of our Member surveys last year was on how you felt about 50th school reunions. The results were split between those who looked forward to them, and those who weren't going or were undecided. This short article chronicles your editor's experiences last weekend at his 50th H.S reunion.
Boaters and fishermen might feel that an Islamorada retirement is pretty close to heaven. Located halfway down the Florida Keys, there is water, water everywhere around this island community.
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