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1.79 acres - backs up to cascading waterfall and hiking trail leading to Waterfall Park, Johns River, equestrian center and community gardens. Low HOA fees. Mild four season weather. Located at the end of a cul-de-sac with long range views. More...
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This city in the mountains attracts tourists and retirees. There are many outstanding recreation activities in the adjacent Sandia Mountains. We count 17 active communities in our Directory for Albuquerque.
It is helpful to know the facts when considering a buy or rent decision in retirement. Trulia has developed a custom analysis of the Top 10 Places to Retire at Topretirements, and it indicates that buying is a better option. There are some caveats though - emotions come into play too.
You will find this historic old town of 6,000 people on Maine's beautiful Penobscot Bay.  People love the stately homes and the activities on the water, like sailing.
One of the downsides about being a snowbird or living in 2 places is the travel back and forth. This article chronicles our recent trip to CT from FL. We look forward to hearing about the challenges other snowbirds face, and how you address them!
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