July 2.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  We hope that all of our U.S. members and subscribers have a wonderful 4th of July weekend.  This newsletter will be on hiatus next week; the next issue will be on July 16.
Few cities have had a comeback to equal Pittsburgh's. In our childhood the Steel City was polluted and dark. Today it is vibrant with livable city neighborhoods and outstanding cultural resources. It is frequently named a "Best Place to Retire" for many reaons.
It's a dilemma to be shared by millions of boomers in the coming years. You emerge from one crisis, getting the kids through college, only to be faced with another, retirement with not enough resources. This article shares 8 ideas to help get you through it.
Retirement in Tuscon has so much going for it, starting with 300 days of sunshine a year! There is a major university (Arizona), tons of active and 55+ communities, and the beautiful desert mountain setting to enjoy.
Our frequent guest editors, the Kaderlis, recently enjoyed an alternative to long term expatriate retirement. Instead they went to an all-inclusive resort in Vietnam, and enjoyed it immensely. Here is their report.
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