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 December 22, 2010

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  • How to Develop Your Retirement Bucket List
  • Scenic Sedona, AZ
  • Our Readers Ask
  • Relaxing Vero Beach, FL

    Pictured above:   Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona.  Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.
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    Our intention in writing our recent story on the "10 Worst Retirement States" was to get people thinking. We think we succeeded on that one; there's been no shortage of controversy and interesting comments!
    In our November reader survey the proposed article about retirement bucket lists generated a lot of interest. The title comes from the movie, "The Bucket List", where 2 characters with only a year left to live try to check off their list. In this article we have some ideas on how to start yours, provide a peek at our list from 2006, and give you links to more. These lists are a great idea; we urge you to work on yours. 
    Click on a state to see reviews of 611 great retirement towns, plus a list of 1,190 active adult communities. 
    The red rocks of Sedona are world-famous. Located north of Phoenix and closer to Flagstaff, this popular resort is also home to many happy retirees. They come for the dry weather, the hiking, the golf, the arts, but mostly for the magical beauty of the area.
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    We often get questions from our dear members and readers. While we wish we had the resources to answer all of them, we simply don't. But when we get an especially interesting or helpful question we try to post it and our response in the Forum.  Here is a link to a whole string of them, which you might find useful (in fact the entire Forum has quite a trove of useful information).
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      Vero Beach, FL
    Vero Beach has a laid back charm that appeals to many people, including your editor. It is far enough from the hectic Miami area, yet still warm enough for people who want to escape the cold. Its endless white sand beaches are fabulous. You can live on the barrier islands or along the intracoastal, or even further inland. It has some of the nicest active communities anywhere. On the negative side, it was hit hard by Hurricane Frances in 2004. 
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