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Panama is a popular place to retire for expats because it is so stable, uses the U.S. dollar, and the "pensionado" program to attract foreign retirees. This area on the coast offers plenty of places to live and enjoy year round summer.
Retirement can be a wonderful thing if planned well. But there are plenty of pitfalls you need to be looking out for. This Survival Guide goes over 10 topics you need to think about, with helpful links galore.
With its relatively small population New Mexico is often overlooked when it comes to retirement. But the state has a great climate with beautiful mountains, not to mention some lovely places to retire.
Former military people in particular might like retiring to Columbus, home to Fort Benning.  The town has won awards for its bike paths and white water rafting and kayak venue, along with RiverWalk. Homes are inexpensive with a median price of around $115,000.
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