August 31.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  Today we have the first installment from long-term Members telling their retirement planning stories. Next week we will have some more.

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Located in the Black Hills (think Gold Rush) and on the border with Wyoming, Spearfish offers a livable and extremely beautiful retirement experience. Frank Lloyd Wright commented that its beauty was "unique and unparalleled".
Could your survivors access your digital accounts if you were to die suddenly? Email, financial accounts, online billing, social media, etc.  Unless you plan, your surviving spouse or executor has some headaches ahead!
This resort city at the confluence of Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean has a lot of attractions for retirees, particularly former military.  It offers an active lifestyle for lovers of the beach, boating, and every other kind of sport.
Robert suggested we interview long-term Members about how they use Topretirements to plan their retirements. He was also kind enough to share his and his wife's experiences in retirement planning. Note: they are very good planners!
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