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There is a treasure trove of scenic wonders near Flagstaff, starting with the San Francisco peaks and going on the Grand Canyon.  Cecil B. DeMille tried to make this town into Hollywood, but didn't succeed.

A lot has happened in the Carolinas since we wrote the first version of this article in 2010.  Both states continue to be red hot for retirement, but NC has gotten much more tax friendly. But the comparisons arecomplex and very personal - here is your chance to understand the key retirement issues in both states.

It's considered one of the 3 cities in the Triad along with Winston-Salem and High Point. The city has a pretty downtown that came from the city's early success as a cotton and merchandising capital​.

Everybody knows we have to exercise to stay healthy and enjoy our hard-earned retirements. Here are some ideas on how incorporate fitness into your daily routine, even if you hate to exercise. Plus some fitness ideas we need to avoid as we age.
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