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Chatham, MA
One of the top requests in our recent member survey was for an article about the best snowbird pairings. In other words, what combinations of winter and summer towns make the best places to retire.  Here we explore 10 of our best ideas for those pairings, along with a set of considerations to help you make your choice. We especially look forward to your suggestions!
Bentonville, AR
What happens when one of the world's largest corporations has its headquarters in a small town in Arkansas? Well, sometimes really good things, like the $50 million dollar Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and its $400 million collection.  Bentonville, home to Walmart, is becoming a cultural center and neat place to retire.
Most rules created by HOAs have a solid purpose in helping large numbers of people live close to one another without problems. But occasionally those rules might seem a little too harsh or unreasonable. This topic has produced some interesting Comments - check them out.
Turrialba, Costa Rica
This area with many beautiful mountain vistas, waters falls, and cows used to produce the famous local cheese is named for its resemblance to Switzerland. The principal town in the Turrialba Canton, it has a branch of the university here.
Subscribers to our Daily Digest are having a great conversation in the Comments section of our Best Places to Retire 2013 article. Every day more comments are posted (237 so far) on every kind of topic. Recent posts include best sources for retirement town info, retiring in Pennsylvania, new construction in Florida..... and a lot more. Scroll down to see the most recent Comments.
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