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 February 29, 2012

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  • Now It's Our Turn: The Real 10 Best Places to Retire
  • Bonita Springs, Florida
  • Medical Emergency in Guatemala: Billy's Expat Health Care Experience
  • Medford, Oregon

  • Happy Leap Year Day! This week is Best Places to Retire - Part 2! In this issue we will provide our picks for the 10 Best Retirement Towns.  We will also give you 2 more places that we think could easily be on the 100 best list.
    Reminder: We need you to tell us in 140 characters or less where you are thinking about retiring - and why. We have received about 100 responses which, while useful, is just the tip of the iceberg (a disappointing .5% response).  Your response is needed so we can report on the results! Here is where you can submit (via the Comments section).
    Last week we gave you the list of the 100 most popular retirement towns. This week we compared the top 20 against 12 characteristics important to retirees. Here are the 10 towns we think are the nation's best places to retire - and why.
    Located in South Florida on the Gulf of Mexico, Bonita Springs has almost all of the charms of nearby Ft. Myers (#8 on the Editor's list), but without most of the drawbacks like traffic and crime.  It is also less expensive than ritzy Naples (#3), just down I 75. Bonita Springs has beaches, fishing, golf courses, and communities. 
    Click on a state to see reviews of 816 great retirement towns, plus capsule summaries of 1,655 active adult communities.
    Frequent contributor Billy Kaderli has written for us before about the pros and cons of medical care in foreign countries - a primary concern for retiring baby boomers. This week he reports on how his recent medical emergency in Guatemala was handled  - it is eye opening.
    Emergency in Guatemala
    Here is another town that could be considered a best place to retire for a certain kind of person. Compared to Portland (#64) or Eugene (#59) it is less expensive, drier, and not so crowded. While it doesn't have the culture or bustle of those places, it does tend to make up for it with recreational opportunities for people who want that.
    Check out the conversation in this reader generated article, it's amazing. And while you are there, do your part and tell us where you are headed, or thinking about heading (and why).
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