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In last week's "Best of 2016" article we overlooked 2 very popular stories. "Dueling Carolinas for Retirement" could be the all-time champ for most comments generated - 545 and counting! We also neglected one of the best Membergenerated articles of the year, "Judith Reports Back: Her 2 Week Tour of South Carolina".
Sitting astride the Rio Grande and with mountains running through the city, El Paso is an interesting place. It is a college town with a large student presence. The Metro is so big it even includes nearby Las Cruces, NM.
Real estate is roaring back - in certain parts of the country like the coasts and big cities. In the heartland, while prices are up since the 2007 crash, the gains are nothing like on the coasts. Even real estate "flipping" is back in vogue - a potential source of worry.
Home to both Washington & Lee University and the Virginia Military Institute, this small (population 7,000) old Virginia town has a rich history. The downtown has an nice historic district.
Not even the most carefully laid retirement plan can survive this retirement wrecker - adult children who cannot take care of themselves. Here we discuss some of the problems and look for solutions to a difficult situation.
Some 114,000 people over age 50 were garnished by the Feds for unpaid student loans last year.  The average hit to Social Security checks is $140 per month.
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