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When folks from the U.S. think about retiring in Mexico one of the first places they consider is the Lake Chapala area. One reason is the beautiful setting around a 50 mile lake. But another is the convenience of moving to a place that already has a lot of North American expats.
A recent survey explored how people who live in communities governed by HOAs feel about them. The answers might surprise. To explain them and how HOAs came into being in the first place we were fortunate to have an interview with Joe West, CEO of the Community Associations Network.
Home to the Hokies (Virginia Tech U.), here is where you can enjoy big time college sports and a vibrant community. The nearby mountains are appealing too.
If you have ever had the urge to jump into buying retirement real estate in a stunning country like Costa Rica, here is a good way to get started Caution:  There are many not so good ways.
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