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Welcome to Topretirements Best Places Newsletter for November 18.  Please stay safe. Many commenters to our Blog article about Cold Weather and the Holidays are very concerned that the Covid 19 pandemic has reached an even more critical level. Please protect yourself, your loved ones, and health care and essential workers. If we all pull together, we can save thousands of lives and tamp down a national crisis.

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10 Very Cool Towns for Retirement

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Eureka, California

Staying with last week's "Cool Places to Retire" theme for just a little longer, we offer up this very cool town on Callfornia's Humboldt Bay, 100 miles south of Oregon. Once very prosperous because of its redwood forests, and as a shipping and fishing port, Eureka remains an important regional center for commerce and culture. Its downtown and stock of Victorian homes is amazing.  More>>

Long Term Care: Covid Gives ADU Market a Boost

An estimated 40% of Covid fatalities have occured in long term care facilities. Understandably, people are looking for alternatives. One of those is the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), which can either be within a home or placed on the property, and can have many uses.  They  also have a lot of advantages, as you can see here.  More>>

FInd Your Best Place to Retire

8th State Added With No Income Tax

There are some big changes coming up in 2021 on state taxes. The biggest is that The Volunteer State will have no income tax going forward (it used to tax interest and dividends only). Other states like Arizona and Minnesota have nice changes coming too. No State Income Tax >>


Cool But Not Cold - Dunedin, FL

BrianH made an interesting comment to our "10 Very Cool Places to Retire" article, suggesting we should have called it "10 Cold Places to Retire"!  The list had some Sunbelt towns but none in Florida, so here is a "Cool" place in Florida where you can enjoy warm winters . We love this little town above Clearwater on the West coast with a Scottish heritage.  More>>

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