Dec. 26, 2014.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  We delayed sending the issue out until today, figuring that you probably had a lot on your plate earlier this week.  The main article is a followup to a reader request: what women want in afinancial advisor, and how to find a great one. But we think the reader comments and expert advice will be useful to men as well.

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You probably recall that the historic London Bridge was sold and shipped to America. Well this is its new home - in Lake Havasu City! This town in western Arizona has many retirees who enjoy boating and beaches on thelake.
Youreditor visited Cuba just a few weeks before the normalization of relations was announced. And a highlight of the trip was reliving the 50s through the 1000s of vintage American cars rolling around Havana. But we need your help identifying some of these cars!
This old town with a 33 block historic district is located on the Cane River Lake.  Its brick streets and wrought iron railings were the setting for the movie "Steel Magnolias", it is also a popular tourist destination.
Last year we asked women to share their thoughts and stories about what they want in a financial advisor. This article summarizes what they said, plus features advice from two industry experts on how to find a good one.
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