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Welcome to Topretirements Best Places Newsletter for Nov. 1

We have had a lot of Comments on healthcare lately; clearly this is an important issue in our community. Today's feature puts the spotlight on Obamacare as an option for those with no health care insurance, but who are too young for Medicare. In the next few weeks we will tackle how to buy and evaluate Medigap policies. Meanwhile our Medicare Advantage vs. Original Medicare article has produced 77 helpful Comments.

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Last week's most popular article:

Greenville, SC - The Perfect Small City Urban Retirement

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Mini Retirement Guide - Nevada

The Silver State, with no state income tax, is one of the most tax friendly states in the union. It is growing fast and blessed with a vigorous economy. Plus it has warm winters in most of the state. Read our mini-retirement guide and find out what you need to know about retiring here.

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No Health Insurance, And Too Young for Medicare?

The abbreviated enrollment time for Obamacare at starts today. If you are under 65 and don't have healthcare insurance because you are retired or not covered by your employer, this is your chance, but you have to act fast.  If you make under $50,000, it is probably quite affordable.

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Post Irma, The Florida Keys Come Back

We recently traveled back to the area of the Keys hit so hard in September by Hurricane Irma. While we were saddened at the unbelievable devastation from Marathon to Cudjoe Key, we were gladdened by the indomitable spirit shown by the locals as they dig out. Here is a brief photographic essay of the damage 6 weeks later. Plus an example of why you can't count these folks out - the amazingly creative costumes and floats at last week's Fantasy Fest celebration.

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College Town - Chapel Hill, NC

The University of North Carolina and the Chapel Hill downtown are intertwined to create a classic college town atmosphere. Students and residents love the downtown for dining out, entertainment, shopping, coffee bars, and artistic performances.

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