April 3,  2013. Welcome    to this week's newsletter.  In case you haven't been following it, our 10 Best Places for International Retirement  article has stirred up some interesting reactions in the Blog comments- 56 so far!
10 Best Places for International Retirement
Way too many people retire without a clear idea about how they are going to stay engaged, an important attribute of any successful retirement. Here are 10 ideas bound to get you thinking about how you can stay busy - and happy!
Long Beach, CA
This charming town in suburban Virginia has charming streets laid out in a grid near the Occoquan River. People like it for its walkable streets, charming shops, and restaurants.
Puerto Rico
We are fortunate this week to have impressions from Glenn,  one of our members, about what a Puerto Rican retirement might be like. Being a U.S. commonwealth has its advantages, but some see other downsides.
Holland, MI
The wild Rogue River runs right through the middle of this town in southern Oregon, offering world class fishing and white water rafting. The surrounding area abounds with opportunities for hiking, sight seeing, and skiing.

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