June 11.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  Today's feature articles are thanks to our members: Rick for his question about healthcare for expatriate retirees, and Jan Cullinane for her article on "Woman-Centric" Home designs.

Hope you are enjoying the many interesting Comments madein our various Blog posts.
Located in Florida's Panhandle close to Alabama, Fort Walton is a popular spot for tourists and retirees. Folks come here for the beach, fishing, and relaxing. The low cost of living doesn't hurt either.
Women are the primary driver in more than 90% of home purchases. So it's no wonder that more 55+ builders are designing homes with women's preferences in mind.  Here are the top items ladies look for in their new homes. Please share your dreams and preferences too!
The city, founded in 1531, has a distinguished tradition as an ancient Spanish city with a rich culture and architectural history. It's popular with ex-pats, not the least because parts of it are a World Heritage site.
Our tennis-playing friend Rick asked a great question, which formed the basis of this article. He is contemplating retiring to Mexico and wonders, since it appears Medicare doesn't cover you down there, what ex-pats do about health care and health insurance. Here is our answer.
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