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Mt. Dora is one of the neatest towns in Florida. Here is what the New York TImes said about it in 2011: "... tiny little vintage town with gorgeous Victorian-era homes, great restaurants and a square where they play live music." 
Reconciling the retirement dreams of 2 people is not that easy. To help with that we have compiled the insights of your fellow members on how to handle a range of topics... from how to maintain independence to when to retire.
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Located on the western coast of Washington, Kiplingers called this one of the best places to retire. The scenery includes Mt. Baker and Puget Sound; enjoy this small city or the great recreation around it.
Many of our Members and visitors have very specific wants when it comes to finding your best place to retire.  Using our Advanced Search feature you can find places in each state that offer specific amenities,types of housing, community size, winter/summer temps, etc. Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised.
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