April 8.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  If you are planning any retirement scouting trips this spring be sure to use our State Directories to get ideas for where to visit.  
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One of the most beautiful cities in North America, Vancouver is a seaport city in western Canada.  Folks who are fortunate enough to retire here enjoy an extremely livable urban retirement. In fact, one of today's retirement experts lives here part of the year.  

Jan Cullinane pitched a great idea to us - interview 6 retirement experts and find out how they planned for retirement. In this article we summarize the trends and lessons learned from their reports. (Today's other featured article provides their detailed answers to questions 1 and 2 in that survey).

Florida has a number of interesting planned developments, and this one in northeastern Florida is one of them. Palm Coast was planned originally by ITT in 1969 as a huge development that included businesses, commercial, and residential elements. Another of today's experts lives here full-time.

This article, Part 1 of our series, provides the details on where our 6 retirement experts have chosen to live, and the process that led them there.  You'll also find out the pros and cons of where they live. 
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