Nov. 26, 2014.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  To all of our U.S. subscribers - Happy Thanksgiving! Drive safely and know that we are thankful for you.

In addition to the normal reviews of 2 communities and 2 Blogarticles, we are also listing some of the Blog topics that have been getting a lot of interesting discussion lately.
Looking for a place where your dollar goes far (and it is the official currency) and the weather is always warm? This beautiful archipelago in American-friendly  and politically stable Panama might just be your best place toretire.
Medicare Open Enrollment ends December 7, and the one for Obamacare goes until February 15. Experts caution that not reviewing your options could cost you plenty next year  - here's why.
This energetic college town (Univ. of Texas) has plenty for retirees to be excited about.  Major athletics, culture, music, shopping, restaurants - and quite a mix of active communities in and around the area. No wonder it is #7 on our list of the Top 100 Places to Retire.
Gary Morse turned a humble mobile home community into a huge active adult community that sprawls over 3 Florida counties. With hundreds of clubs and an amazing array of activities, his was quite an accomplishment. The fabled pioneer passed away last month at the age of 77.
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Worst States for Retirement (scroll to end to see latest comments)
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