About the Retirement Ranger

Retirement Ranger is designed to help you narrow down the possibilities and find your best place to retire. Here are some tips to help improve your user experience:
  1. To take the quiz you will need a user name and password. If you haven't already created a user name at Topretirements, just make one up. If you don't remember your old user name and password, go to our Help page to have them sent to you.  If you wish to create a new user name and password, you must use a different email address that what you originally signed up with.
  2. Start out choosing only very broad criteria. Although there are over 700 best towns to retire in our database, if you select too tightly on each question you won't see many choices.
  3. If you get too many choices, narrow your criteria when you retake it (Use Retake Quiz option at top of page, or login again).
  4. You may take the quiz as many times as you like. But remember that we cannot save your earlier results. One good tip is to save your choices in another document with hyperlinks so you can revisit them easily.
  5. The answers to your questions come from accessing the data in the Topretirements database. The information on the cities, towns, and developments in our database is compiled by our editors and members (except as noted for Q 11). If you find an obvious error, please either correct it yourself and send a notice to Contact Us. For a list of known issues and how to solve them see the link in the Forum on Retirement Ranger Issues.
Here is a question by question explanation of the quiz:

Q 1- 3 These are demographic questions and do not affect your results
Q 4 Cost of living. If this is important, select appropriately. Most towns are average. This question correlates with Q 8 - Home prices
Q 5 What type of community. These are OR questions (not AND) - in other words selecting more options will give you more results. If any criteria is met, you will see results for it.
Q 6 Ideal population. If this is important, select appropriately.
Q 7 Lowest median temperature. This question usually also correlates with Q 10, region of the country
Q 8 Culture. This question is very important to some people. Obviously urban and college towns will normally rank higher for culture.
Q 9 Region. Correlates with Q 7 (temperature). Note that if you select a specific state or country you might not get any results if other criteria are too selective
Q 10 Tax Burden. This question uses the Tax Foundation's state by state tax burden chart. If you select yes, your results will be limited to the 25 U.S. states with the lowest state and local tax burdens.

Good luck. If you need assistance please use our Help page. Since this is a free service and we have limited staff, we regret that we are unable to answer personal requests for assistance.