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Utah, with a population just over 2.9 million in 2012, has the some of the world's greatest scenery. That, combined with its outstanding recreational opportunities and healthy economy, attracts a growing number of baby boomers to the many best places to retire in Utah - the Beehive State. Salt Lake City is the capital and 88% of the state's population lives in this Metro along the Wasatch Range. Most of the rest of the state is unsettled. Utah's cost of living can vary a great deal - the Park City area tends to be much more expensive than other parts of the state. Utah was settled by the Mormons. They represent 62% of the population and are a major influence in most areas. Utah has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. The Wikipedia entry for Utah has more interesting facts.

Utah Climate
The Utah climate is that of the steppe, characterized by aridity and an altitude above 3000 feet. Summers are hot and dry, there is plenty of sunshine. There is a lot of dry snow in the mountains.

Economy & Home Prices in Utah
Utah's 2012 household income, $58,164, was higher than surrounding states. Tourism and mineral extraction is important to the economy, along with hi-tech. The median home in the Salt Lake City area in the 3rd quarter of 2014 the Zillow home value index was $247,600. In 2014 the Zillow Home Value Index was $216,800 according to Zillow.com. Homes in the Park City region can easily cost $1 million or more.

Utah Taxes

Tax Burden:  At 9.6%, the total tax burden in Utah is about average, 29th highest of U.S. states.

Marginal Income Tax Rates. Utah has changed in 2009 to a 5% flat rate income tax.

Retirement Income Exemptions. There is a small retirement credit available to some tax payers. Most pensions are taxable.

Social security exemption.  Utah taxes social security income.

Sales Tax: State sales tax is 4.7% but localities at on to that.

Property Taxes: Per capita property tax is among the lowest of all states.

Homestead Exemption. There is a homestead exemption for those 66 and older who make less than $30,000 a year. 

Estate and/or Inheritance Taxes.  Utah has no estate or inheritance tax.

Link to www.tax.utah.gov

Certified Retirement Communities
Utah does not have a certified retirement community program.

Best retirement communities in Utah
Utah has only recently begun attracting retirees, mostly in the St. George and Park City areas, both of which tend to be more religiously diverse than Salt Lake City and other parts of the state. St. George, located in extreme southern Utah, is the fastest growing community in the U.S and has many planned retirement communities. It is only 30 miles from Zion National Park. Park City, which was home to the 2002 Winter Olympics along with Salt Lake City and other communities, is a booming and wealthy 4 season resort based on an old and charming mining town. Utah powder is legendary and attracts skiers from around the world to the many resorts in its Wasatch Mountains. Ogden is also near Salt Lake City and offers outstanding outdoor recreation. Its nearby ski resorts were home to some events in the 2002 Winter Olympics. Cedar City, the "Festival City", is a lower cost town for retirement, also in southern Utah. Cedar City has an altitude of 5800 feet and has great skiing nearby.

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Utah Retirement Communities
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