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Does Retirement Cause Memory Loss?

Category: Health and Wellness Issues

November 26, 2020 — You see the person coming down the aisle toward you and… panic! A minute ago their name was on the tip of your tongue, but now it is gone! Or, you are describing something to a friend, and the name of the book or the noun you are looking for has completely escaped you. It happens to all of us, but new research indicates that it is more likely to occur in people who are retired than people of the same age who are working.

Ross Andel, director of the School of Aging Studies at the University of South Florida, tested the memories of people in their early 60s living in Canberra, Australia over almost a 20 year period. In the Australian test, starting at age 60 subjects were were asked to remember as many random and unrelated words in a list as they could. The tests were repeated every 4 years.

Posted by Admin on November 26th, 2020

Buried by Medicare Ads, Phone Calls, and Mail? Here’s What It Is All About

Category: Health and Wellness Issues

October 22, 2020 — It seems like there are only two kinds of ads in the last week or so – ones from politicians or Medicare plans. We have heard from several Members who they feel buried, and confused, by the latter. The reason for all those ads – we are in a Medicare Open Enrollment period – which runs from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7.

To try to help we are providing a link to last year’s comprehensive comparison of Medicare plans, original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage, and Medigap insurance. In an in-depth interview with insurance expert Tom Cretella, he explains the differences, advantages and disadvantages, and features of these types of plans. He goes over the alphabet soup array from Plan A to N, so you can better understand your options and make an informed decision. (The links are below)

Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage – Which Plan Is Right for You?

What You Need to Know About Medigap Insurance

This helpful article has more than great 70 Comments; we welcome yours too!

Posted by Admin on October 23rd, 2020

Medicare Open Enrollment Period Starts – Medicare Advantage Premiums Lowered

Category: Health and Wellness Issues

October 17, 2020 – The Open Enrollment Period for Medicare started this week and runs through Dec. 7. It is an important event for eligible people not currently enrolled in the plan, or who want to change some component of their current plan.

During Open Enrollment, eligible people can sign up for Medicare. Medicare beneficiaries can compare coverage options like Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage, and choose health and prescription drug plans for 2021.

Posted by Admin on October 17th, 2020

What Is Your Medicare IQ?

Category: Health and Wellness Issues

October 13, 2020 — Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period starts on Oct. 15. That is when you can sign up for Medicare if you didn’t during your original eligibility period, or have not qualified for a special enrollment period (if you are already on Social Security you should have been automatically enrolled in Medicare). Try Medicare Plan Finder from, it is a great way to compare plans in your area. The Open Enrollment Period means this is an excellent time for just about everybody to take our Medicare IQ Quiz!

It has just 12 questions, most of which are pretty basic, but a few that will test almost anyone. So far over 700 people have taken the quiz with an average score of 71%. The best part is you will get an instant score along with the correct answers.

TAKE THE MEDICARE IQ TEST! (this is the link)

Test Prep:
Want to study up before you take the Quiz? Here are a few articles to help you prepare.

Medicare 101

Medicare Advantage vs. Regular Medicare: Which is Right for You

And here is a detailed, question by question explanation of all of the – ANSWERS

Comments? Let us know what you think about the Quiz. All suggestions welcomed.

Posted by Admin on October 12th, 2020

Coronavirus Survey Results: Will Take Vaccine, CDC Takes Trust Hit

Category: Health and Wellness Issues

October 4, 2020 — Thanks to the more than 500 generous people who cared enough to spend a few minutes filling our Coronavirus Activity Survey. As we hoped, the results were extremely interesting. Most were predictable, but it is reassuring to see most Topretirements Members are taking the pandemic seriously. The hundreds of personal comments written in to several of the questions make one thing very clear – the coronavirus pandemic has been one of the most momentous events in all of our lifelines, changing daily life now, and in some ways for the rest of our lives.

Some main points:

Topretirements Members are more likely to take a vaccine than the general population (71% vs. 50%).

The CDC has taken a big reputational hit, with far more trusting Dr. Fauci.

Mask compliance is high.

About half of respondents will go to a barbershop or salon.

Car travel is viewed as far safer than flying

People are split about eating in restaurants and visiting friends.

Almost all of the survey responses were given before the President and some in his inner circle tested positive. Our hope is that people will take precautions even more seriously after seeing how communicable the virus is. Note that Topretirements Members and visitors are almost all aged 55+.

Here are the results of the survey:

Q1 Would you take a coronavirus vaccine if the CDC said it was safe and effective?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

More than two thirds (71%) of those taking the survey said they would take the vaccine. This contrasts with a recent CNN poll, which showed that 51% of Americans would try to get the vaccine. In the CNN poll 60% of those over 65 said they would take it.


197 Comments: More than two thirds of respondents said they will take a vaccine, but cautiously. There is a great deal of distrust of CDC as being politicized. Many would like to give a vaccine time to prove itself. Below are links to all 197 Comments on this question (Mac and Xcl versions).

Typical comment: “Maybe. I wanna vaccine but I want to be sure that it is safe. It depends when the vaccine comes out. If it comes out before election day I will not take it because I think it would be a political vaccine. “

Q2. Who do you believe more about vaccine effectiveness and safety?

Posted by Admin on October 3rd, 2020

2020 Coronavirus Survey

Category: Health and Wellness Issues

September 27, 2020 — We are curious about what you think is safe, and are willing to do in this coronavirus pandemic. Would you take a vaccine (and who do you trust more?). How about eating in a restaurant, visiting a hairdresser, taking a trip, having friends over? Please take this quick survey so we can see how the Topretirements Membership feels about all of these questions. It will take you less than 3 minutes. We promise we will report on the results in the Oct. 6 Best Places newsletter. Thanks!

2020 Coronavirus Survey

(Click on 2020 Coronavirus Survey or this for the link)

NOTE: Here is where you can find our complete analysis of the survey results, which are extremely interesting.

Posted by Admin on September 26th, 2020

What Random Act of Kindness Helped You?

Category: Health and Wellness Issues

September 25, 2020 — Every month The Wall Street Journal asks its readers to describe a random act of kindness that affected them. What a great idea in this time of division, economic troubles, and a corona pandemic that doesn’t want to quit. So, please use the Comments section to tell us about your experience with someone unexpectedly helping you. It could have happened since you retired, but any time in your life is fine too.

Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas from Pexels

To kick things off, here is one that happened to me while living in New York City in my twenties .

It was the late 1970’s. Coming home from work one night on the Broadway IRT express I was working with my briefcase open on my lap. Startled to hear the doors open at my stop, I jumped up to exit. But I had forgotten about the open briefcase, and its contents exploded across the subway car. Instantly people sprang into action. Two blocked the doors so they couldn’t close. Others got down on their hands and knees to retrieve my papers. One woman handed me a couple of paper clips. Property secured, I left the car, this small town boy from PA knowing that when it counts, New Yorkers come through.

Let’s hear yours – we could all use a little pick me up! Please add yours in the Comments section below.

Posted by Admin on September 25th, 2020

As the Pandemic Hits The Villages, Life Goes On

Category: Health and Wellness Issues

July 27, 2020 – From February to mid June there were fewer than 100 cases in The Villages, the giant Central Florida community. Retirees in TV went about their busy lives, playing pickleball, golf, dancing, and partying. Governor Ron DeSantis even bragged about the low infection rate in the sprawling community of 120,000 residents.

With cases spiking in Florida and on track to reach 500,000 by early August, it turns out the gates of The Villages are not Covid 19 proof. Sumter County, the largest of the 3 counties where it is located, is seeing a rising number of cases. In recent weeks the daily case count has been between 20 and 40 (in surrounding counties the figures are in the hundreds). Cases in the County are primarily among people between 65-85, a big contrast to the rest of the state where they are concentrated among those 15 to 44. Hospitalizations are on the rise as well in The Villages.

Posted by Admin on July 26th, 2020

The Pandemic: Having Trouble Saying No to Invitations and Favors?

Category: Health and Wellness Issues

July 20, 2020 – Many people find themselves in situations like these. A relative invites you to a backyard birthday or graduation ceremony. You don’t feel comfortable about it, knowing there will be too many people there who won’t be careful about Covid. But then she says “Oh, Suzy would be so disappointed if you don’t come”. A different friend might ask a favor that you know is either going to take time you don’t have to spare, or put you in a situation you don’t want to be in. Or, you are in a group where no one else is wearing a mask, making you feel like some kind of alien. How do you best manage these situations?

Posted by Admin on July 20th, 2020

Are You Still Planning to Snowbird Next Winter?

Category: Health and Wellness Issues

July 11, 2020 — Normally by this time many retired folks from the Northeast and Midwest have found a rental in Florida, the Carolinas, Arizona, or some other warm weather state. Or, if they own a place, they are making plans to fly or drive south in the fall. This year is different, to say the least. While many snowbirds left their winter places when Covid cases were light in those states and the disease was just starting to abate in the Northeast. The opposite is happening now. Arizona, Florida and the Carolinas are raging out of control, with ICU beds starting to reach capacity.

Photo by Tina Nord from Pexels

All of that said, we would love to know how your snowbird plans for next winter are coming along. Are you planning on leaving at your normal time, delay, or not go at all? Have you locked in a rental, or are you waiting to see what happens? Will you travel down there by the usual means – car, airplane, or cartrain? What would the situation have to be at your destination for you to decide to go in terms of the number of cases, hospital capacity, etc.? Would we have to have a vaccine in place? What else would go into your decision to be a snowbird next winter?

Please share your thoughts in the Comments section below. This has the makings of being a fascinating and helpful topic. Thanks!

Posted by Admin on July 10th, 2020