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How to Find a Great Snowbird Rental for the Winter

Category: Retirement Real Estate

Updated August 25, 2015 (originally published December 10, 2013) — The horrible Arctic weather the northern half of the USA experienced in the last 2 winters had at least one major effect – it made a lot more people interested in finding a snowbird rental for the winter! This article will give you suggestions on how to narrow your choices on where to live, give some tips on how to go about finding a winter rental, and provide a list of reader-suggested snowbird destinations from earlier this year. Note that the reader Comments made to both this article and the related ones in the “Further Reading” section are at least as helpful as those in the article itself!

Keys to Success
The keys to success in finding a good snowbird rental are quite simple: get started early, and explore plenty of avenues. Hoping to luck into something is not very likely.

Many Advantages
We think there are many advantages to renting in a warm place for some or all of the winter. There is the obvious one: it gets you out of the frozen Midwest, icy Northeast, or the dark/dreary/wet Pacific Northwest for a pleasant interlude in the sun. If you are retired and not a big fan of winter, why not be in an agreeable climate for a while? Another big advantage of snowbird rentals is that they give you a chance to see and experience different parts of the country with very little risk or expense. People who do it for several years get a very good idea of what areas they like and don’t like. Then, if they later decide to purchase a place either as a snowbird or for year-round living, they are much more educated buyers. Yet another advantage: it provides an opportunity to be near friends and family without overstaying your welcome.

Sarasota, FL

Get Started Now!
If you are looking for a snowbird rental for this current year (2015-2016) you are a bit late. But all is not lost. There are still plenty of options if you get on it now. And it is not too early to be thinking about the following year’s season.

Many Alternatives
There are so many choices for snowbird winters that it can be a bit overwhelming. We think that by answering these questions you will be able to narrow down your choices to a manageable few.

How Far Will You Go
People from the northeastern U.S. often look for a warm place to winter in the Southeast, often on the Atlantic coast of the Carolinas, Georgia, or Florida. Folks from the Midwest typically head south too, possibly to Mississippi, Alabama, or the west coast of Florida. Other Mid-westerners and those from the northern plains and Pacific Northwest tend to like wintering in the sunnier parts of New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Adventurous souls keep going past those spots to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Northern Europeans like southern Spain, Greece, Turkey, the Canary Islands, South Africa, New Zealand, and southeast Asia. But there are always exceptions – you will find New Englanders who winter in Palm Springs, CA and folks from Oregon who spend January on the east coast of Florida. Many retirees tend to go where there friends go, often setting up little satellite communities. The choices are there; it’s a lot about whether you want to drive or fly, how far you are willing to travel, what is available, and how much you want to spend.

How Long Can You Stay
The length of your trip can bear a big impact on your snowbird experience. For example if you can only get out of the cold for a week or two, there isn’t much point in going to the Carolinas. Sure it will be warmer there than in Boston. But fickle weather patterns could mean that it won’t get out of the 50s for more than a few hours of the day, and your trip could be disappointing. The shorter the trip, the further south (south Florida, the Caribbean, or southern Arizona) you should think about going. Ironically, if you can get away longer, say for 3 months or so, you won’t have to travel so far away to have great odds of experiencing many days of warm temperatures in the coastal Carolinas, Georgia, Phoenix, or northern Florida.

Climate and Lifestyle
What you want to do in your free time has a relationship to your climate choices. Fishing and swimming are going to be very chilly except in south Florida. If you just want to be outside, then South Carolina, Arizona, or New Mexico might be fine for you.

How Much Do You Want to Spend
Certain parts of snowbirding country are more expensive than others. Central Florida and part of Florida’s west coast can be very inexpensive. The fancy parts of Florida’s east coast like Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale are pricey, although there are parts of the coast that are more affordable. The type and degree of fanciness of the town or community has a huge impact. Communities that rent manufactured homes, trailers or RVs, and cottages can be downright cheap. Likewise if you own or rent an RV you can stay very inexpensively in countless RV parks. You can use Advanced Search at Topretirements to find these type of communities. Port Charlotte in southwest Florida has many rental bargains, while just a few miles down the road in Naples almost nothing comes without a big price tag. Similarly in Palm Springs (CA) rentals are expensive and in demand, while further out areas are reasonable. Once you start looking at rentals, you will quickly see where the bargains lie.

How to Find a Good Snowbird Rental
Friends. One of the best ways to find a good rental is to ask your friends who go away in winter. They just might have a neighbor looking to rent out for a month, or they can look on bulletin boards or newsletters for leads. Having some inside knowledge via the “Coconut Telegraph” is always a good idea.

Online sites.,, are great places to start looking for a place to spend the winter. have plenty of rentals but you do need to be very cautious about scams. More than one person has paid in advance to rent a place only to arrive and find a non-existent rental. A single friend of ours looking to spend the winter in FL found a very economical bedroom to rent near Naples via might be a very good bet if you only are looking for a room or very small place. Among all these online sites there are thousands of places that can be rented by the week, month, or longer. Obviously it helps if you have narrowed down your search beforehand, as the choices might be overwhelming. See the end of this article for member suggestions on where to consider looking. is a good place to get an idea of what a particular town or resort might be like (along with hotel and restaurant reservations). On all of these sites, carefully consider the reader comments and feedback. Obviously, some people have axes to grind, but be wary when you see red flags.

Search. A simple search on Google, Yahoo, or such as “Monthly rental apartment in Key Largo FL” can be surprisingly effective in turning up some good leads. You might also find a realtor who has some rentals while you are searching, although they are generally more interested in selling than renting.

More tips – Big places vs. small. Some of the largest active adult communities have so many homes in them that the odds of finding a rental are good. The Villages, On Top of the World (both near Ocala, FL); Laguna Woods Village in California all have community boards and real estate agents that list rental opportunities. Go to the web sites of the communities you are interested in for ideas on who you might contact. Most RV/Mobile Home communities have rental units, and these are usually fairly inexpensive. You can find that type of community by using our Advanced Search.

Some Snowbird choices
These are some of the ideal snowbird destinations that your fellow members suggested earlier this year. Obviously, this is just the tip of the iceberg. See more ideas in our “Snowbird Pairings” article listed below.

Tucson, Arizona
Cottonwood, Arizona
St. Augustine, Florida
North Las Vegas, Nevada
Sarasota, Florida
Mazatlan, Mexico
Gulf Coast of Florida between Fort Myers and Sarasota
Palm Springs, California

Mountains over Palm Springs

Costa Rica
Kona, Hawaii
Laguna Hills Village, California
Austin, Texas
Jupiter, Florida
Beaufort, South Carolina
Bluffton, South Carolina
Phoenix, Arizona
Pensacola, Florida
South Texas

Comments and Suggestions. What are some of the strategies you have used to find a good snowbird rental? Please share your ideas in the Comments section below. If you are looking for a rental here is one suggestion that probably won’t work – posting a comment here saying “…you are looking to rent a place in …?” As one Member responded to a very non-specific request like that, “You’re a bit late to the party”. We will say it again: the keys to success in finding a good snowbird rental are to get started early and explore plenty of avenues.

For further reading:
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Annual Moving Challenges for Snowbirds

Posted by Admin on December 10th, 2013


  1. […] For further reading: Snowbird’s Leaving for the Winter Checklist How to Find a Great Snowbird Rental for the Winter […]

    by » Best Places to Retire: Our Ideal Snowbird Pairings Topretirements — December 10, 2013

  2. We live in NW Indiana and in winter get our share of lake effect snow and cold. 8-9 months here is very nice but not winter, as we get older. Now that we are retired, we spent two months last winter, Jan in Orlando, Feb in Myrtle Beach. As a former resident of Orlando, I know how great the weather can be in Orlando in winter, and it did not disappoint us. We rented a 2BR home in downtown Orlando, away from the tourist areas, for $2,300. Thornton Park is a great area that has many restaurants, bars and shops all within a couple blocks of walking. We were limited as to what to rent because we bring our dog with us. Temps were in mid 70s and even had some low 80s. Great shorts weather! Jan is high season in Orlando. A bonus in picking this area was that we have a daughter living nearby.

    Feb we went to Myrtle Beach. We rented a two bedroom condo right on the beach. It was a beautiful location in Cherry Grove for $1100. The weather can be hit or miss, 40s-60s. This is the low season for the MB area, but a light jacket was all that was needed. Area was not very crowded and there were a lot of great deals in condos and restaurants, many two for one deals. Just ask the residents where the deals are to eat! We enjoyed walking on the beach, golfing, shopping, and hearing the waves pounding from the bedroom window.

    Is year we are getting ready to leave for two+ months in Orlando. We found a bigger house for about the same amount a few blocks from last years. One month just went too fast last year, so we are doubling down this year. Several friends and family plan to come visit this year. has worked well for us. There are all price ranges available all over the country. Your best bet is to plan well ahead. We locked in this year’s home last January. We are even thinking about where to go next year. Maybe beachside somewhere, or maybe try Texas or Arizona. You can get an even better deal on a larger place if you share with another couple.

    by Bill — December 11, 2013

  3. I have a rental property in Anna Maria Island on Florida’s west coast. During the winter our island is full of Northerners looking to escape the cold. So far we have not had a winter but have beautiful sunny skies and 80+ degree temps during the day. We are the envy of the entire nation! This island is gorgeous and accessible to all that Sarasota and Tampa have to offer within a short drive. The beach is pristine and voted one of the nation’s best beaches.
    We own a duplex on the island 2/2 on each side and it rents for $1350/week plus taxes. We have a heated pool and it is a block to the beach. A free trolley runs the length of the 7 mile island and there are no high rises or franchised restaurants on the island. It’s a throw back to the Old Florida. Take a peek, we still have a few weeks for early 2014 open. Go to: Our property is named Island Girl (North and West). We are on Flipkey as well.

    by Holly Crowell — December 11, 2013

  4. I’m trying to find the Laguna Village in California mentioned in the article using a Google search. All I come up with is “Laguna Woods Village.” Are they one in the same?

    Editor’s note: Good question Tom. Laguna Woods Village is the huge community located within Laguna Woods, CA. The Village community makes up most of the town. We have added links in the article so you can read more about it.

    by Tom — December 11, 2013

  5. I really like snowbirding. When I was growing up for many years my parents spent seven months of the year in Asheville, NC, and five months in Safety Harbor, FL, so I guess it’s in my blood.

    We like the NC Outer Banks in winter, though it’s really too chilly much of the time for beach and water activities, but we enjoy the relative isolation on Hatteras Island and being on the water. Many days it’s warm enough to walk the beach. Likewise I think Asheville is a great retirement and relocation destination (my latest book on the area is called Amazing Asheville), but mountain winters are too cold for most snowbirders. I agree with the author of this article that for warmer winter weather in the East you need to be in South Carolina or farther south.

    I also have spent a lot of time in Belize and have written three books on retiring/relocating and snowbirding there, the latest called Easy Belize (and there’s a lot of free info and free ebooks on my ad-free site, The climate in most of the country is like that of South Florida, and Belize has the advantage for many in that English is the official language, so you don’t need to learn Spanish or another language to communicate with your neighbors.

    Though Belize is a small country, about the size of Massachusetts, it has a lot of variety, from low mountains and hilly country in the west to savannah in the central part to coastal and island beaches. It is neither ultra-cheap nor ultra-expensive for snowbirders. I would say overall living costs are a bit lower than Florida, though you can find really cheap housing in rural areas and small villages. Gas is expensive, food costs are moderate (cheap if you eat rice and beans and local fruits and vegetables, and drink local rum), but you don’t need to pay for heat, and medical costs range from free to perhaps a third of the cost in the U.S., plus you’re next door to a safe part of Mexico for Walmart and Sam’s Club shopping and excellent dental and medical care.

    –Lan Sluder

    by Lan Sluder — December 11, 2013

  6. I am basically interested in renting furnished apartment,condo and/or house in Florida or Arizona from December to March every year. Appreciated if anyone can provide any information as to where and how to look for rentals in these two states. Thanks.

    by Joyce — February 13, 2014

  7. Joyce I am buying 2 bdrm condo in ?the Naples area it is a country club setting i am looking for roommate for those months if interested email me at

    by dorisan fautz — February 14, 2014

  8. Joyce, you could try or

    by Ginger — February 14, 2014

  9. […] Comments? Are you considering, or have you become a snowbird? What are some of your considerations and reservations? Have you experienced drawbacks, or advantages? Please share your thoughts in the Comments section below. More Snowbird articles: Ideal Snowbird Pairings How to Find a Great Snowbird Rental […]

    by » Horrible Winters Make More Boomers Consider Becoming Snowbirds Topretirements — March 3, 2014

  10. […] We know of one couple who gave up looking in Bonita Springs (FL) because they couldn’t find a 1 month rental (owners are typically holding out for 3 month rentals, at least). Those friends opted for St. Pete instead. Another friend got lucky in West Palm Beach when he ran into someone on a tennis court who was looking for a tenant – but he had to go for a 3 month rental. Our friend Pat in Key West is renting the same place she did last year, but which she found only after careful searching (all of her searches are recorded carefully on a spreadsheet). Our brother, who started looking for a South Florida rental in February but then didn’t act until April, found that the rental market had been picked over in just two months. Elsewhere the market seems to be tightening up, with supplies short and prices higher. What is your experience This is where we are hoping our members will fill in with their experiences. If you a snowbird renter, what is your experience this year? Where are you looking, and what are you finding in terms of prices and availabilities? How are you going about finding a place? Have you been tempted to buy to solve the problem – and what is that market like? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the Comments section below. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle ||[]).push({}); For further reading: How to Find a Great Snowbird Rental for the Winter […]

    by » Snowbird Rentals for Next Winter – Going, Going, Gone! Topretirements — May 28, 2014

  11. We are looking to rent a private house in south Florida with a private swimming pool for six months in the winter. We have a small poodle and there would only be the two of us in our very late 50s

    by Jeff — May 29, 2014

  12. We have stayed in downtown Orlando for the past two winters. We found a place two years ago on It was 2 br 1 bath. Bringing a dog with us tends to limit the rentals. Last year, we found a larger 2br house a few blocks away for the same price. We rented it for 2 months last year. We put our deposit down on it as soon as we returned north in March. When we returned this year we put a deposit down for 3 months for next year. As a bonus, we got a $400/month reduction in rent for 3 months!

    by Bill Yoder — May 29, 2014

  13. Consider looking at apartment complexes and asking for a short term rental agreement. You can rent everything you need to furnish your apartment from Southern Furniture Leasing as they have monthly plans. (this is what I am currently doing) You don’t need to move into fancy furnished homes or condos. The difference in cost is amazing.

    by Nancy by the Bay — May 29, 2014

  14. I have a two bedroom fully furnished condo for rent from November thru March . It is on Lake Powell , is located on Panama City Beach Florida. There is a pool, cable, garbage service, and lawn service provided. The unit has covered parking, two baths, AC, fully furnished. Small , trained pets will be considered. Please email me for more info.

    by Shirley McArdle — September 2, 2014

  15. Have winter rental in Worthington cc Bonita springs 2/2 overlooks lake furnished unlimited free golf/ tennis restaurant bar cabana social activities avail Oct to Oct
    3800/ mo discount if more than 3 mos

    by Admin — September 7, 2014

  16. ?the above email for Bonita springs is

    by da fautz — September 10, 2014

  17. I would like to learn more about Shirley McArdle’s property on Lake Powell. How do I email you? Thank you, Jill Lundquist

    by Jill Lundquist — September 17, 2014

  18. Can anyone tell me where to locate MFG home rentals on the south east coast of Florida for the winter? I would assume it is cheaper than a condo or apartment. Any thoughts or comments?

    by Skip — September 18, 2014

  19. i have 2 condoes for rent from nov, to april in panama city beach Fl. one 2bedroom/2baths rents for 975.00a month, and a 3 bedroom/2bath for 1000,00amonth.they are fully furnished,with cable,pool,no pets. call-229-435-0604 0r 229-881-6202

    by margaret peterman — September 30, 2014

  20. […] further reference: How to Find a Great Snowbird Rental for the Winter Our Ideal Snowbird Pairings (Summer and Winter) Sandy’s Adventures Part ii: How to Find a […]

    by » Snowbird’s Leaving for the Winter Checklist - Topretirements — October 14, 2014

  21. Hi there!
    I have a 2b/2ba fully furnished condo in Scottsdale , AZ available for rent for this winter!
    Pool, 1car garage, all utilities included! Sleeps 5
    email me for more details and photos of property!

    by Jen C — October 25, 2014

  22. I am building a brand new house in University Park, Florida which sits on the line between Sarasota, and Bradenton. Close to everything. My new home is in a new gated subdivision. We will be on a lake with a covered lanai and pool — very beautiful. The home will not be complete until July of 2015 — I will be looking for snowbirds who want to rent for 3 months plus. The rent will be around 3200 or so per month — Brand new, furnished and beautiful, and maintenance free with all lawn services covered. Looking for snowbirds who will take care of this new house and treat it like their own. No smokers please — If looking for several months from now, please let me know Thanks

    by Terry Marsella — January 16, 2015

  23. oops my email is

    by Terry Marsella — January 16, 2015

  24. Currently a snowbird in Cape Coral, Florida. I found this rental by word of mouth, could not find anything online. Rentals are tight. This owner only rents for 6 months or longer, but the price is eminently reasonable. The reason many condos are for rent for 3 months or longer is because that is required by the association documents. I ended up purchasing a turnkey condo down the canal from where I am now. Being here for 6 months enabled me to take my time and look at a lot of different properties.

    by Linda — January 17, 2015

  25. Looking to rent a one or 2 bedroom place near Severna park Maryland for the months of July and August 2015. Also have one small poodle 21 lbs. any suggestions appreciated

    by Mary Anne — January 17, 2015

  26. Hi . I have a villa in the Algarve , Portugal that I rent out over the winter . Free wifi and I pay all bills . Long sunny days and cool nights . 10 minutes walk to the beach and stunning cliff walks . Food , wine and culture like you have never experienced before . Laid back , safe and friendly environment. You will be sorry to leave. You can email me for photos and more details . I live in Dublin , Ireland and this is our holiday home .

    by veronica — February 22, 2015

  27. Looking for a one month rental 2 bed 2 bath. If possible.only can do one month right now.Will take very good care of your home.looking naples,vinice,,Sarasota Bradenton,long boat key, anyone out there can you help dry frustrated can not find anything.

    by Peggy smith — April 21, 2015

  28. We have a very nice 2/2.5 townhome available for winter rental in Indian Ricks Beach, FL. It is ~1300 sq feet and a short one block from the beach! No pets and no smoking.

    Indian Rocks Beach is a quaint little village right below Clearwater. Perfect central Florida location!

    We are offering through VRBO. The listing number is 667095. Please mention that you found the listing through the topretirements website and we will provide you a very nice discount!


    by MikeG — May 10, 2015

  29. I am looking for a nice 1 or 2 B/R rental in West Palm Beach FL area for Dec, Jan and Feb 2016. Price range approx. $1500 per month.
    Shopping, Entertainment Rec center, Restaurant, Swimming, Spa, Whirlpool and Golf are desirable.

    Please provide info ASAP

    by Freddie Jones — May 28, 2015

  30. We are looking to rent a condo or apartment in Hallandale/Hollywood/Pompano region for a period of 3 mos (January, Feb. & Mars 2016). One bedroom with A/C & wifi and not to far from the sea would be so great. By “not far from” I mean within 10-15 minutes drive. We have a limited budget (1200-1500$/mo).
    I have been searching at least 8-12 hours a week for the past 3-4 monts and do not know where to look anymore. I have tried all the VRBO, Homeaway, Tripping, Rent by owner, etc… so far and without luck.
    I would appreciate any suggestion one might have. Thanks!! 😉

    by Paul — June 3, 2015

  31. We have a lovely beachfront (one bedroom, two bath) condo available at Seychelles in Panama City Beach, Florida. Available for one or more months December 1, 2015 – March 1, 2016. $1100 per month.
    Balcony overlooking the Gulf. Lovely decor. Fully equipped kitchen. Washer/dryer.
    Great location. Within walking distance of St. Andrew’s Park.

    Learn more (including photos and reviews) at our VRBO site (VRBO Listing #615546)
    Our contact information is on the VRBO site and we will be delighted to hear from you.

    All the best,
    Mary Mazzoni

    by Mary Mazzoni — June 14, 2015

  32. Looking for a clean and safe rental for February. Have small dog. We will consider gulf side and we really like Bradenton area.

    by Glenn Stidham — July 9, 2015

  33. ‘m looking for a mfr home to rent in Fla. The areas I’m looking at are, with no particular preference: Tarpons Springs, Dunedin, Largo, Clearwater. I’m hoping to rent from October 2015 to April 2016. I need a place that will accept motorcycles

    by Lee — July 10, 2015

  34. Looking to rent a room from another widow or single lady who already owns or has a place in one of the 55+ communities. I would like to rent from January 1st to end of March 2016. I reside in Nova Scotia. This would be my first time doing this and I think this is a good way for me to see what is available out there.

    by Cheryle Brown — July 10, 2015

  35. Hello. Looking for a two-week coastal-Florida rental in February; dates and location flexible. Beachfront condo preferred with robust and reliable Internet service. Should be OK for small dog, 16-pound Bichon. Thank you. Please email to:

    Thank you!

    by Ed LaFreniere — July 10, 2015

  36. Lee, Cherle, Ed, believe it or not, it’s almost too late to get a reasonably priced place in Florida for this coming winter. We have rented in the downtown Orlando area for the past 3 years. The house for the past two years was sold this winter and we looked for another. We ended up signing a lease for a house that we first rented 3 years.ago. We were recently told that this house is no longer being rented! So we have had to scramble for a new place.

    One of the issues you will run into is the current renters will get first preference. The popular areas go fast and rent seems to go up each year. Most places are already booked for this winter. We are already lining up a place for 2017! We plan 2 months in Orlando and a month in St Pete.
    Two of the best places to look for rentals is and

    Sometimes, it feels like a part time job to look for a place!

    by Bill — July 11, 2015

  37. We are retired & looking for a 1or 2 bdrm/1or 2 baths condo or mobile home to rent for the winter in Fl. The months of Jan thru Mar. We prefer 55+ community. We are on a budget so we need something nice & clean under $950. We would like to be in the areas of Ocala, Panhandle or close to east coast. Being on water not necessary.

    Thank you, Cathy 7/18/15

    by Cathy S — July 18, 2015

  38. We live about 4 hour NW of Miami. My wife will have brain surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami sometime in September, 2015. As of today Aug 10th, the surgery date has NOT yet been set, although her Drs have advised it will be in September.
    Once we have a surgery date, I will use the unit while my wife is hospitalized … now estimated at 7-10 days; Upon her release, we will need to stay in the area for follow up (+/- 10 days). During that period, we both will be in the unit possibly with a nurse for medical assistance; so we need sleeping accommodations for 3.
    Thanking you in advance …

    by Alex — August 10, 2015

  39. This comment came in from Howard. Article and Comments above are helpful to the question. Here is our additional response:

    Q: Do ever publish a list of retirement rentals for boomers, i.e., apartments, condos, manufactured homes, etc? Particularly in Florida.

    A: Sorry we dont have any of those lists. The rental market is tight right now and changes fast. Try sites like or search for rentals on google in specific locations. Be wary of Craigslist – there are some dishonest people out there

    Good luck

    by Admin — August 24, 2015

  40. Looking for temporary rental in the Raleigh area .

    by maryann — August 25, 2015

  41. Check If you’re staying for more than a day or two they will rent for less.

    So even if a listing says one price or a certain number of days you have to rent for, let them know what you need and many of them will work with you. I know that in some areas the lodging industry, hotels, motels and B & Bs, have reported some places for operating a B & B or hotel with out a license, so the cities have said they cannot rent for less than 30 days. As I said, let people know your needs and they will work with you to have your needs met. Also, motels and hotels that are close to the hospital will do the same. Look for someplace with suites so that you have some furniture to sit on as well as a small kitchen. We have stayed in some places, I think one is called Residence Inn, where we had two bedrooms, Living room, dining area, two baths, and a kitchen with free breakfast in the morning.


    by Vicki — August 25, 2015

  42. Vicki, thanks for the information.

    by maryann — August 25, 2015

  43. My wife and I live in Bangor Maine and are looking for a three month rental January through March 2016 in south west Florida.we are neat and clean and non smokers.Thank you

    by Gary Eastman — September 8, 2015

  44. We have a very nice 2 bedroom 2 1/2 bath townhome in Panama City Beach for rent Jan. and Feb. Clean, fully furnished, heated pool, gated community, and less than 1/2 block from the beach.

    by Jacalyn — September 10, 2015

  45. We are looking for a 3-4 month rental, Jan. thru Mar. We are nonsmokers and have no pets. Your home will be well cared for. Thank you for your consideration.

    by Eugene P — September 15, 2015

  46. I am a University retired professor. I offer one private bedroom with private bathroom in a very nice 1.200 sqf Condo in a very secure area in New Port Richey Florida from November 2015 till April 2016. Swimming pool, club house walking distance stores, shops, hospital, Wal-Mart, restaurants, pharmacies, gym. $ 400.00 month include utility, telephone, Internet, water, parking, pet accepted. Prefer retired lady in good health condition 55+.

    by Philip — September 15, 2015


    by BOB JEFFERY — September 16, 2015

  48. Philip, I would be interested in your condo rental. How can I contact you?

    by Barbara Moriarty — September 16, 2015

  49. It’s not too late for last minute plans to find a great house available to rent!

    We have a home that we are offering as a seasonal rental for the first time starting Oct/Nov 2015 through May 2016. It is located in the residential township of Redington Beach FL. The home is located directly across from the Gulf with beautiful ocean views. The property is listed on #4037958

    This is a great location with resident only beach access a short walk across the steet.

    We can offer discounts on the monthly rate, just ask!

    by S. Edge — September 27, 2015

  50. Hello!

    Would you please send us info on your rental in Redington? Thank you!


    by Debbie — September 28, 2015

  51. Sorry! That was to be addressed to S. Edge in regards to the rental in Redington Beach FL Thanks, Debbie

    by Debbie — September 28, 2015

  52. We have a beautiful home in central florida, quaint vintage citrus town, a true gem near bok tower. You will be hosted for the season for breakfast and sometimes dinner upon request more like a bed and breakfast. We can accommodate 3 snowbird ladies with their own private rooms, non smokers, no pets that are looking for an upscale living avail fr Oct 2015 to Mar 2016.
    This is our personal home,overlook the lake, has a lot of room, and many more
    Pls contact us to discuss further

    by sherri — September 28, 2015

  53. I have a beautiful renovated mobile in one of the best 5 star parks in Largo Florida, minutes to many beaches , new master bath and kitchen cabinets, 1 year old AC, many extras. We have been in the park for 8 years and just purchased but now will be living in our daughters home.

    The home is up for sale , but need it out of our hands, so may make a rent to own deal beginning as soon as possible. It is mostly furnished , really only missing one bed and some more dishes.

    Would love to talk to anyone interested. We found it crazy to rent every year when owning makes more sense.

    The mobile #181 can be seen on the quality homes OakCrest MHP site , or call to talk and deal.


    207-357-9466 or

    by Judi — October 3, 2015

  54. Looking for a winter rental Jan 1 2016 thru March 31 2016. Anywhere in Central Florida to South Florida. Need 2 bedroom and 2 baths.

    by Dave — October 7, 2015

  55. Anybody know if we will be able to rent a place with 2 bedrooms 2 baths for two people and two cats? It would have to be along the ocean side from Jacksonvillle south to maybe the Space Coast or the Gulfside, St. Pete but not as far as Naples. If we find a location we might want to actually move to we would like to rent there first.

    by Carol — October 8, 2015

  56. I don’t have a dog in this race, but am just reporting what I observe. Rentals are available in our area.

    by godsgirl — October 9, 2015

  57. The residence inn in this area is over $300 a week! That’s a modest house payment! The local extended stay places are full of people holding up homeless please help signs on the freeway. Hope this is not typical

    by Debbie — October 9, 2015

  58. Looking for a winter rental Jan 1 2017 thru March 31 2017. Never too early to start they say….

    by Laraine — October 12, 2015

  59. Oh BTW looking in Clearwater Fl

    by Laraine — October 12, 2015

  60. this is a new offering….

    by GARY — October 13, 2015


    by GARY — October 13, 2015

  62. For anyone looking to “snowbird” in Arizona, or just coming to check out the area as a possible retirement locale, I have a room in my home that I’d love to rent out: by the day/week/month (must smoke outside if you are a smoker, but non-smokers much preferred). I have a beautiful lagoon pool to lay by in my backyard, and the Fitness & Aquatic Rec. Ctr. is just 1 mi/19 min. walk from my house for swimming & water aerobics & working out. OLLI classses are avail. at ASU West 3 mi. away, & ASU Tempe about 45 min. away. WiFi, internet, cable TV, laundry, kitchen all available for your full use. Even your pet(s) may well be welcome-let’s discuss: I have a loving 24 lb dog, and a cat (indoor, rarely seen). I’m 200′ from the park & walking distance to the dog park…. and library (offering free admission tickets to various attractions). Over 100 restaurants, 45+ movie screens: all located within a 10-15 min. drive. My home is located 1 min. from the Loop 101 freeway (in the NW Phoenix area), 2 mi W of I-17 that goes from Flagstaff to Tucson (& further) so it’s incredibly well-situated for exploration of Arizona. I’ve been all over Arizona, so I can be a great resource as well. Please contact me at for rates and photos. BTW I’m an RN, 63, & either unemployed or retired: yet to be seen/decided.

    by Anne — October 13, 2015

  63. Re. DAILY / WEEKLY / MONTHLY room RENTAL in ARIZONA : Sorry….. so busy telling you about the great location of my home that I forgot to say that the room has a queen bed, my dog is hypoallergenic, and I’m asking just $650/mo. incl. all utilities (or $185/wk; or $35/nt). Wish I could post my photos here! I’m quiet, friendly, respectful of your privacy, open-minded/”live and let live” philosophy, love to laugh, love great conversation and sharing personal philosophies and experiences, reading, photography, learning and collecting new life experiences. Welcome to my home and the Phoenix/ N. Glendale area!

    by Anne — October 16, 2015

  64. oops! got interrupted by a phone call and quickly hit “send” before I added my email for the Arizona room rental: Anne

    by Anne — October 16, 2015

  65. Anne, would love to see some pictures. My email is Thanks!

    by Barbara — October 17, 2015

  66. Has anyone considered renting a stationary motorcoach as their winter home? Its a fantastic way to live and a great alternative to a traditional house/condo. We are offering our large motorcoach for rent in Margate, FL (Margate is located in the Great Fort Lauderdale area). The motorcoach is parked in a luxury motorcoach resort with tons of amenities. The resort is gated and contains more than 600 luxury motorcoaches. The community is very warm and inviting.

    If you are interested, please feel free to email me at and I can provide you with a link to our VRBO listing.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day!


    by Stephen Casto — October 19, 2015

  67. Hi There !!!
    I’m looking for a 1-2 bedroom, 1-2 bath condo-townhouse in any of the sunbelt areas of the country. for $1,000./mo and under. Has to be clean with good clean carpeting and be an up-to-date unit.
    I would like to spend Jan.15th thru May 30th there. You can email me direct at Would also need to have tennis facilities with-in 25 miles of subject property.
    Thank you much !!! TJ.

    by TJ Merzlock — October 24, 2015

  68. Looking for condo for month of February 2016 on east coast of Florida. Vero Beach and south to South Hutchinson beach . 2 senior adults. 1 bedroom would be fine.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    by Barbara Vogel — October 26, 2015

  69. I am also looking for a pet friendly rental for the month of February preferably on the Gulf side.

    by Carol — October 27, 2015

  70. Ever been to Sint Maarten? I have a beautiful 2 bedroom home available for rent on the lovely Dutch/French island of Sint Maarten. Plenty of sun, swim and international flavor and only 3 hours from the East coast. The house is brand new, with new tiles, new kitchen and appliances, new eco-friendly air conditioners and new furniture. Modern and inviting, the property includes a pool, barbecue, 24/7 gated security and across from the beach. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information:

    by Grace — November 9, 2015

  71. Hi
    First time to blog on this retirement site. Looking for RV park in Florida that yes reasonable monthly fees during Jan thru March. Any suggestions appreciated.

    by P. Wilkin — November 10, 2015

  72. Hi,

    by gary — November 18, 2015

  73. Regular Snowbird just re-scheduled surgery, so our 1350sqft beach Penthouse became available January ONLY! Details, photos and video may be found at http://WWW.VRBO.COM/82567

    Or Google Beach PENNHOUSE

    Or Okaloosa PENNHOUSE

    Or Ft. Walton PENNHOUSE

    by PennHouse — November 24, 2015

  74. Looking to rent a 2 or 3 bedroom for the month of February, non smokers, non drinkers no pets

    by Roxanne — December 9, 2015

  75. P. Wilkin, check this out if you like

    by godsgirl — December 10, 2015

  76. Not having much luck. Looking for an inexpensive 1 bed and have searches several websites but the apartment owners want a 6 month rental agreement, and we want to stay for 1or 2 months and explore other states. What to do???

    by Bill Anglesano — December 16, 2015

  77. New on market a 2 bedroom 1 and half bath Condo in Dunedin, FL. Available now through April 7, 2016. Only $2,000 a month, plus $1,000 deposit, $125 cleaning fee.
    All of your basics are here! Just bring your luggage! This unit includes all basic appliances, coffee maker, microwave, toaster, washer, dryer, dishes, dishwasher, garbage disposal.
    Rent also includes Cable, Wifi, Water, Garbage, $100 worth of electric each month.
    If you have not been to Dunedin you are missing a great small town feel near the big city.
    Condo has pool, shuffle board, tennis courts and BBQ area.
    If you are interested just give me a call. the phone number, 859-803-4532.

    by Keith Huelsman — January 8, 2016

  78. Looking for a place in Florida (south enough to be warm) for January, February, and March. First time looking for winter rental.

    by John Robinson — March 30, 2016

  79. Looking for a 2-3 month rental 2017 is SW Florida. Areas: Ft. Myers, Bonita Springs, Estero and the surrounding vicinity. Prefer to stay around $1400/mo or less if possible.
    February we need to be NE for a wedding mid-month. Otherwise March April. If reasonable enough we would add February. Thank you.
    We are looking to relocate to the area so we need easy access to major highways without staying on one.Thank you.

    by Barb Kay — April 12, 2016

  80. Barb Kay, good luck to you. Prices in the area you’re looking at are $2500 and up–way up–during the season. Anything you find for $1400/mo will be substandard and in a very sketchy area. 2BR, 2BA condos in my complex rent for $3000/mo during the season.

    by Linda — April 13, 2016

  81. We are a couple of snowbirds from Minnesota who have been wintering in the hill country of Texas for the last 6 years. (Jan thru March). Because of my wife’s allergies we are looking at other areas with less mold and pollen. I have been searching using VRBO in Arizona (Phoenix and south) and Nevada (around Las Vegas) for a 1-2 bedroom fully furnished (including washer/dryer–internet) condo, apt,etc.–Price range, including tax of $1,200–$1,400 per month. We would prefer a smaller community but are not ruling out any specific area or state. Any suggestions or help for finding us a place in 2017 will be appreciated


    by Lewis — May 2, 2016

  82. Shared accommodations with senior female at The Bluffs in Sebring, Florida (central Florida). Bedroom/private bath in condo. Male or female retiree as this is a 55 and older community (no couples). Condo is fully furnished. Search The Bluffs in Sebring, Florida to view a video. For more information you can contact me @ Quiet/gated community. condo is available November 1 to May 1, 2016. $1,200. The Bluffs, Sebring, Florida. $1,200. a month. This unit is upstairs and has 3 bedroom/2 bathrooms. Please check out “The Bluffs” in Sebring, Florida and select video.

    by Glenda — May 29, 2016

  83. There is no better place to be a snowbird than Greater Palm Springs CA/ Sun, Mountains, Golf, Tennis, Pools, etc. It is beautiful in the desert. We recently renovated a mid century home in Rancho Mirage on a 1/2 acre private lot, with heated pool & spa. We are currently available for rent from October 18 2016 – February 28, 2017.

    Please see below links for more information and feel free to contact

    by Rancho Estellita — June 15, 2016

  84. The Snowbird Company boasts a myriad of highly-visible websites, known as ‘The American Snowbird Network’ – visit to see comprehensively all rentals in their network. Multi-Month rentals advertised by property owners and rental managers.

    by American Snowbird — September 28, 2016

  85. I have a great lakehouse in Texas, north of Houston which i am looking for snowbirds.

    Please contact me for me info. Its furnished very nicely and in a guard gated golf course community. Lake lot, very quiet..lovely !!!!


    by Caryn Rodriguez — October 23, 2016

  86. I’m interested in Orlando area snowbird senior rentals. Preferably between the months of December and May. Preferably in the price range of $500-$800 a month. 1 bedroom, 1 bath, living and dining area, pool, workout facility.

    by Dianne Howard — April 16, 2017

  87. Looking for a one month rental in Corta Bella Az, for the months of either 1/18, 2/18 or 3/18. Two people and two small dogs(Boston Terriers).

    by George Bolokowicz — April 17, 2017

  88. Looking for a one bedroom condo for the month of February 2018. Two adults no children no pets. Interested in either southeastern Georgia or Northeastern Florida. Looking to be in the $1,500 per month or under range

    by Barbara Tetreault — July 17, 2017

  89. Hi Barbara,
    Your best bet would be to check Online Rental websites like VRBO and Airbnb. If you go to the websites of the towns and areas you’re interested in, they often have links to Realtors who may be able to help. Hope this helps!! Good luck!

    by Moderator Flo — July 18, 2017

  90. One option at .. select a state and go from there.

    by Leanne — July 19, 2017

  91. I would like to rent a condo with no steps for two and a small well behaved dog that rarely barks. We are over 63 and retired on a budget. Navy family.
    We are in Fort Morgan at the moment . Open to any where that has water views of some kind.
    Thank you

    by Judy M Coros — January 15, 2018

  92. My wife and I are looking to rent a one or two bedroom furnished condo in Mexico or Belize January to March 2019. Our price range is $900 to $1150. Please contact us if you have a place.
    Cheers …….

    by Benjamin Gale — February 10, 2018

  93. Since I missed out on finding a Florida rental in 2018, I am now searching for next winter. Just starting but finding many are three month rentals, is that what the norm is ? I just want one month or two at the most.

    by Sunny — March 1, 2018

  94. Sunny, most rentals we have researched are for three months, however only during peak winter months. We are renting a home in Arizona begin this April for a month, as we wait for our home to be completed. You might look at off peak times for shorter rental agreements.

    by Bruce — March 2, 2018

  95. Sunny – Check the FL regulations. Anything (rental) < 90 days, the provider has to charge the renter the SAME tax rate and charges that hotels charge, which years ago when checking it was quite large on a daily rate to a retiree. The law was specifically designed to dissuade incidental rentals that you and many others wanted.

    by Rich — March 2, 2018

  96. Sunny, most condos have a three month rental minimum in Florida. Homeowners Associations put that in their documents because they do not want people coming and going like in a hotel. You will find some places that rent by the week, but they are far more expensive. I have some friends that rent a house for two months every year, but that’s unusual. One month will be very tough.

    by Linda — March 2, 2018

  97. Here is some information on Florida’s tax on rentals. (I just did a copy and paste). I also put in a link to the entire PDF. You actually have to rent for for more than six months or you will have to pay rental taxes.

    Florida’s 6% state sales tax, plus any applicable discretionary sales surtax, applies to rental charges or room rates paid for the right to use or occupy living quarters or sleeping or housekeeping accommodations for rental periods six months or less, often called “transient rental accommodations” or “transient rentals.”

    by Trax — March 3, 2018

  98. Sunny,
    Rich is correct in the txt assessment of rentals.
    They differ by county but ive seen rates of 8-9% to 10% for Collier county to 13% in Miami-Dade.

    by Curt — March 3, 2018

  99. Lee County assesses an 11% short-term (less than 6 months) rental tax.

    by Linda — March 3, 2018

  100. Thank you all for your information and quick response, vey helpful to know what I am facing.

    by Sunny — March 4, 2018

  101. I’m looking to find just the opposite of most everyone else! I’m a resident of South Florida, and have been trying to find an affordable 1bedroom apt. to rent for myself (70yr old) and my 2 indoor cats during the May – October time frame – trying to get away from the heat, humidity and hurricaines. I’m originally from upstate New York and love the summers up there, but no longer have family in the area.. I know there are a lot of people up north who spend 3mos. or more at their cottages in the summer. I could certainly “house sit” for them. Know of anyone? Any ideas?

    by Marsha — March 13, 2018

  102. Here you go Marsha…good luck…..

    by DDM — March 15, 2018

  103. Thanks DDM. I’ll give it a try.

    by Marsha — March 31, 2018

  104. From Brenda: Hi, We would like to rent something in Phoenix, preferably north central Phoenix if possible, during Jan, Feb and/or March of 2019…any ideas on how to approach and find an honest source to proceed? thank you…ble

    by Admin — September 10, 2018

  105. Hello, I have a beautiful 3beds, 2.5 baths, two story Townhouse for rent, starting from November 2018
    Beautiful Mediterranean Style Townhouse in a very quiet neighborhood, close to the Beach
    Located in Trinity, Florida
    Please contact me for more information

    Editors note: we have a contact email if you want it

    by Annette — October 7, 2018

  106. I am newly retired and obviously didn’t start reading these blogs soon enough thinking I would find a snowbird rental somewhere in southwest FL. but didn’t start looking until Sept. and found this is not easy. So this week I was thinking after reading about red tide and then another hurricane hit that finding a rental on either coast would work out but not so. When do the lucky people start looking to rent in Florida, I know you suggest looking early, but do I need to do this a year in advance ?

    by Drew — October 13, 2018

  107. After reading about red tide, and hurricanes, and not mentioning sink holes and humidity, and others mention bugs, why would you still be interested? I do like Florida but cant afford to have it as a second loocation that is safe. Sorry.

    by Sherwin — October 14, 2018

  108. I moved to Az 4 months ago and as of today they have had their wettest October in history, but it doesnt change (yet in public notices) the water issues here, i moved from CA, which has its own issues.

    by Sherwin Farr — October 14, 2018

  109. Drew,
    We typically start looking a year in advance for wintering in Florida. Sometimes we reserve the same place again while we are there. However some owners won’t reserve that far in advance.

    by Bill — October 14, 2018

  110. I am confused … always thought I would find a little cottage near the ocean or in the trees for retirement. Hurricanes and fires and floods are making my most desirable areas undesirable. Is there anywhere safe? A small town with history and people who are neighbors?

    Editor’s note: How timely is your question PamE! We just this minute published our latest Blog article, “Thinking About Retiring to an Area with Hurricanes“. It has a lot of advice you might find helpful. And to answer your question, there is almost no place that is safe from some kind of natural disaster – wild fires, hurricanes, tsunamis, ice storms, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes.

    by PamE — October 15, 2018

  111. Drew, Bill said it — some owners won’t rent a year in advance, but that is not the norm. A year is a reasonable time to look ahead; six months may be too little (as you found). To celebrate our 50th, we did the search 18 months early. We found and locked in a nice place and in a recent visit to Florida, were able to go by to verify that the location is what we wanted — still a year in advance and time to start the search over if needed. There are many options for longer term rentals, but consider that there are many others looking for the “best” and that those who find a good place may well want to book again for the following year. So for my part it is, “yes” a year in advance and possibly more.

    by RichPB — October 16, 2018

  112. Thank you for your very helpful comments. I did find that there are more places offered if it is long term-3 or 4 months, but we can’t stay that long, and as you mentioned the other problem is those that want to return the following year get to book first and I have been told several times that the owners are wait to hear from previous renters before they say yes to me. But I have my name on several lists as do hundreds of people I’m sure and we will see what happens for this year. I have gotten serious about looking and booking for 2020 now. Sounds like the way you did it worked out well for you.

    by Drew — October 16, 2018

  113. We are an older active couple with a small furry well behaved animal We are a retired couple on a limited income looking for a reasonable place in The Dade City, San Antonio, Zephryhills area to rent Jan Feb Mar. We would like for the rent to be no more than $800.00 a month. Thank you.

    by Barbara J. Mitchell — July 13, 2019

  114. We have been going south for the winter for the past 8 years. We always stay part of the time in the Orlando area, due to grandkids there. We also add a month to either The Daytona Beach Shores area or Hendersonville, NC ( love this town and area). Prices have steadily gone up to the point it is over $3,000 per month wherever we go. A house we stayed in last year went from $3,000 to over $4,000 this year. We will pass on that one!

    by Bill — July 14, 2019

  115. Looking for a rental in Charlotte or Greensboro, NC area for January through April 2020. We have two perfect indoor only cats. Please list your email or phone so I may contact. Thank you. Carolyn Ahlstrand

    by Carolyn — July 15, 2019

  116. Good luck to everyone looking for next winter’s snowbird rental. The time to get one reserved was the end of last winter, but with a little luck and persistence you should still be able to find one. The tips in this article and the great suggestions in many of the Comments should help.

    by Admin — July 16, 2019

  117. Has anyone had success finding a winter rental through AIRBNB?

    by Carol — September 6, 2019

  118. I own a condo in Fort Laureldale Florida. I want to put it for rent. 5 months minimum 2000.00 all included. However I dont know how to advertise it. Any suggestions. Association does not allow Airbnb.
    It is one bedroom just walk across the street to ocean.
    847 224 6210

    by Miriam Lopez — October 2, 2019

  119. Very active, retired couple with small dog, looking for 55 + community to rent next Jan or Feb for approx one month. Would like community near Sarasota/Anna Maria Island area, with many activities.

    by Debbie A Mike — February 15, 2020

  120. We have 3 bedroom rental house on Homosassa River – Florida’s NatureCoast. We rent through airbnb in the summer but will also consider monthly rentals with a private contract October-April and will consider 30 – 180 day rentals. I am not sure where to advertise it to find snowbirds and found this messageboard so thought I’d give it a try. $3,000 a month. Homosassa and Crystal River are beautiful and close to many activities.

    by Nancy — May 19, 2020

  121. I have a 2 bedroom home in Galveston, Texas. It is mid island, two blocks from the beach and close to many restaurants. It has been consistently rented through Airbnb this summer with excellent reviews. I will consider pets on a case by case basis. Please contact me to discuss details.

    by Maureen — August 8, 2020

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