Feb. 4, 2015.  Welcome to this week's newsletter. We are hoping your winter is going well.
Located in southwestern Utah underneath spectacular red rock bluffs, this popular retirement town has a mild winter climate and terrific recreational opportunities. You can choose hiking in the nearby Zion National Park, or play on one of the many area golf courses.
A lotof people have opinions about HOAs, often negative. This article tries to help explain the good, the bad, and the ugly about these important organizations.
Naples is synonymous with luxury because of its posh downtown and lovely homes and condos. It is also a beautiful town with gracious neighborhoods where you can walk to white sandy beaches. Or, live in a golf or boating community along the bay. It is a great place to retire, albeit a bit on the pricey side.
Our article in the Dueling Retirement Series, "AZ vs.FL" has been generating a lot of Comments. And one of them from Harv about his reasons for retiring to Tuscson was so detailed that we broke it out into itsown Blog article.  Now it's generating even more discussion!
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