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 Many experts believe the U.S. has a second world retirement system compared to countries like Australia and Chile, which have 2 of the best self-funded systems.  This new article shares some of the leading ideas for fixing it, but we really want to hear your solutions too.
This town on the southeast coast of Florida has 100 miles of beaches spread out over several communities including Tequesta and Juno Beach. The winters are warm, you can find plenty of nearby culture, and there is great variety in where to live.
We love it when a previous Blog article starts getting comments again. Our "What Should You Do inRetirement" article came out last April, but it is still generating interesting comments and suggestions.
Located between Portland and Eugene, the state capitol has a huge park system with trails for hikers, bikers, and horses.  Many nearby towns are good places to live too. Real estate prices are near the national average, unusual for Oregon and the West coast.
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