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Here is an online resource that has the all the helpful data and opinions to help you find the best adult communities to meet your new lifestyle. Strangely enough, an adult community is not X rated, it is instead a new marketing term that is a snappier way of saying retirement community. The interesting profiles you will read here will narrow your options and help keep you from making an expensive mistake when you purchase a home in one of these communities. Useful facts make it feel like you have actually visited over 200 active adult communities, without expensive travel.



Active adult communities come in all shapes and sizes. There are gated adult communities,active communities oriented around golf or tennis, retirement communities in college towns (many of which are run by or sponsored by universities), boating or flying oriented communities, or those which specialize in an artistic or cultural environment. Many active adults look forward to retirement in a charming small town like Madison CT that has a vital downtown and tree-lined streets. has the helpful facts and useful opinions to help you discover the adult communities to meet your dreams.

For each active adult community you'll find an objective profile, photograph, Google Map, and interesting lists of what is special and not so special. The best adult communities, sometimes referred to as 55+ communities, are profiled at - from Florida to Vermont; Washington State to Arizona, and everywhere in between. Helpful tools give you valuable information on the price of real estate, what makes these adult communities special, plus useful information about the local culture, economy, medical,and transportation.



The top adult communities profiled here are all rated for real estate prices, taxes, recreational opportunities, amenities, median age, average January temperature, and types of housing. In the Forums for each adult community you will find lively discussions where you can post questions, give opinions, and make your own opinions.

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