Looking for the Best Over 50 Communities?

One of the more interesting real estate ideas in the last 30 or more years has been the growth of over 50 communities. Although in some cases these age restricted communities set a minimum age of 50, 55,or 60 - the idea is the same: design communities for an easy life style where people who have reached a certain age can relax and have a more enjoyable lifestyle. This website is set up to make it fun and easy to find the over 50 communities that meet your criteria - without having to travel extensively or waste your time. Instead, just read the helpful profiles here to get an idea of which towns and cities fit what you are looking for, and then decide whether you would like to live in one of the over 50 communities that are springing up near the most desirable locations.



If you have been looking for a gated over 50 community, a tennis or golf community, a college town retirement, an urban environment or a cute little small town like Eufala Alabama, Topretirements.com has the helpful facts and insightful opinions to help you discover the over over fifty communities that meet your dreams.

For each over 50 community you will find an objective profile, photo, Google Map, and description of what it is like to live there. Towns from Portland Maine to Paris Tennesee are popular as over 50 communities in the east, while Santa Fe NM and Tucson have dozens of such developments to choose from in the western U.S.

Critical facts and honest opinions from actual people like you mean you won't have to rely solely on blind luck, your limited group of friends and family, or biased advertising to make the best choice.



As you explore the profiles you will see that each of the over 50 communities profiled here have ratings for cost of living, taxes, recreational opportunities, amenities, median age, average January temperature, and security. Lively Forum discussions are available to find out more and ask your own questions.

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