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This online resource has the helpful information to help you find the best retirement communities. Because there are so many types of retirement communities we can help you narrow down your search to the ones that fit your needs and personality. Using the fun to read profiles on this site to save you time and travel, and help keep you from making an expensive mistake. Our useful facts will make it feel like you have actually visited over 2900 retirement communities for active adults.

Basic types of retirement communities(from Wikipedia)

  • Active - all residential, no healthcare
  • Active - Supportive - has some healthcare. Many of these are CCRCs (Continuing Care Retirement Communities)
  • Supportive - your traditional types such as nursing homes, retirement homes, assisted living

To get you started, h ere is a list of retirement community types, arranged by type of amenities. But don't stop here, the list keeps growing - there is sure to be a community that is right for you. Using the Browse feature (or the Search box) at Topretirements, you can sort to find communities of all types.

Terms used to describe retirement communities
There is a bewildering array of terms used for retirement communities. Often these are primarily marketing terms meant to attract younger and more affluent baby boomers in retirement, while others are more descriptive of a type of facility. Going from the old fashioned "retirement home", you get the newfangled marketing terms of "active adult communities", "over 50 / over 55 / 55+ / 55 plus / over 60 communities", "age restricted communities", "active lifestyle communities", etc. Most of these terms mean the same thing - communities designed for people over 50 or so who want to live in their own home or apartment in a community that has some amenities. Certified Retirement Communities(also referred to as "Designated") have been developed by 5 states in programs designed to attract retirees for purposes of economic developement.

Other terms like "independent living", "assisted living", "nursing homes" are more descriptive. Many people believe that the best kind of community to retire to is one that offers a continuum of services - from independent living (in your own home) to assisted living (a smaller room with more care), or a nursing home (more like a hospital). This type of facility means that you will never have to move again, no matter what your health condition. Obviously to be able to provide that amount of care these type of communities tend to be more expensive.

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